1. Since essential oils are all natural, it is always safe to use them, right?

No.  There are many things to consider when using essential oils, for example if they are phototoxic, if they will interefere with any medication you are currently taking, etc.  Always check with a certified aromatherapist who has reviewed your medical background first.

2. Can I safely ingest the oils?

Contrary to popular practices, no.  According to the leading authorities on essential oil practice, placing oils in water or on or under your tongue is a high risk.  There are very few instances where ingestion is advisable and there are very few aromatherapists who are qualified to monitor this on a short term, limited basis.

3. Are you a nurse or a doctor?

No, I am neither a nurse or doctor.  I have completed an intensive course of a study with an internationally recognized school and am a certified aromatherapist.  I am also a member of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy.

4. How do you decide which oils to use in my products?

Each essential oil has a unique chemical composition and belongs to a chemical family.  Through my training, I have learned which chemical components best address certain issues.

5. Are your oils organic?

Yes.  I only buy from discriminating suppliers who know their distillers and are organic.

6. Where do you purchase your oils?

I only purchase from suppliers who offer a GC/MS (gas chromatography-mass spectrometry) report.  These reports ensure that the oils are organic and list each and every natural chemical component in the oils.

7. I’m pregnant. Can I use your blends during my pregnancy?

There are oils which should not be used during pregnancy. Safe oils should generally be used at a lower dilution rate.  Always check with a certified aromatherapist before use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

8. My sense of smell is greatly diminished. Will essential oils still work for me?

Yes.  Although the scent of the oils is a lovely benefit and can certainly influence mood and memories, the chemical components of the oils chosen for your particular issue will still help you even if you can’t detect the scent of the oils.

9. Can I safely use oils on my children?

Always approach essential oil use on children very conservatively.  I rarely recommend the use of oils on children under five years of age, and never on infants.  There are alternatives for children, which can be just as effective, for example, the use of hydrosols.  Please – always check first with a certified aromatherapist before using oils on children.