Tina S. - Temecula, California

“Sharon made me a variety of inhalers for fatigue, indigestion, and immunity to make my month long travel experience more comfortable.  Her hand sanitizer is also a must have for traveling.  She has also made the best body butters and lip balms that I have ever used!  She is my go to person for natural and effective self care blends.  Her knowledge and intuition about aromatherapy is impressive.”

Alicia S. - Ebensburg, Pennsylvania

…I decided to reach out to Sharon and see how she can help.  I expected to be blindsided  by exorbitant costs, but I wasn’t!  Sharon was kind enough to make the perfect mixes for my migraine pain in the form of an inhaler.  2 inhales and I felt the pain lessen right away.  I’m so glad I found an alternative solution.”

Barbara G. - Murrieta, California

“My favorite blend is the inhaler for my migraines, which I keep with me at all times and use as soon as I feel a headache (migraine or not) beginning to start. I’m thrilled to report that I have not had a full blown migraine since using the inhaler. This is such a relief and a blessing. I feel so comforted knowing that I can always have it with me in my purse and ready to use, even on a plane or in the car, or on my bedside table.”

Teresa L. - Temecula, California

“I have severe anxiety issues and was once again ready to reach for my Xanax; I then remembered my inhaler and it worked!  Thank you so much!”


Carl T. - West Chester, Pennsylvania

“I was recently diagnosed with Parkinsonism and am suffering from lack of memory and cognition. Sharon made an inhaler for me and I immediately feel something in my brain when I use it, kind of like a shock, like it wakes me up and lets me know things are happening. I use it regularly with great results.”

Marisol M. - Perris, California

“I had trouble sleeping due to stress.  I’ve been using a sleep blend Sharon made for me for a few months.  I put it on the spots Sharon suggested, and I sleep through the whole night without waking up.  The next morning I feel absolutely amazing.”

Julianne, Rialto, California

“My 9 year old daughter has trouble with eczema.  It is so hard at this age with other kids making fun of her on top of the physical discomfort it causes her.  We have tried so many prescription medications and over-the-counter meds, and nothing has really worked.  When I bought the eczema body butter relief from Rock Rose, my daughter was once again afraid that it wouldn’t work.  We put it on before bedtime, she woke up, and we were both amazed that the eczema was totally, completely gone!  We are going to supplement the body butter with a hydrosol spray during the day which was also made for us by Rock Rose.  So happy!”


Barbara G. - Murrieta, California

“The pain relief cream has been wonderful. I used it on my sore calf muscles at night, hoping to wake up to some relief. To my surprise (and delight!), my muscles felt much better after only about 10 minutes. It’s been great for post workout muscle aches as well as tension in my neck and shoulders. Smells yummy, too!”

Sandy S. - Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

“The cleaning products are fantastic! I have asthma and allergies, and whenever I clean, both really act up. When I clean with the products Sharon made, I don’t feel tight and wheezy, and they make cleaning fun because they smell great and they work!”